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The Value Proposition for Corporate Groups

peer executive coach

In a world of hybrid and remote work, recruiting, retaining and growing talented professionals is newly challenging.  Innovative career development and support provide a competitive advantage for your talent strategy. Trajectory’s peer executive coaching groups provide a unique combination of support, development and engagement.

Trajectory helps peer groups of employees build relationships with real depth and trust. The water cooler serves an important function, but our groups go way beyond casual interactions.

Peer executive coaching groups improve company performance through better relationships 

We’ve seen that these relationships are critical to performance in a number of key ways. They learn

  • Who to connect with
  • They feel comfortable asking “dumb” questions of their colleagues and
  • Become comfortable asking colleagues for help.
  • As employees learn how their company works in a relational way, they understand the goals, challenges and opportunities of colleagues across departments. This gives them the knowledge to better assess opportunities and risks.

Trajectory’s peer executive coaching groups grow your employees leadership skills

Folks in our groups build trusted relationships across departments and feel more connected to their employer.  They gain confidence because they see that others struggle with their same issues.  Participants engage in their own leadership development and along the way, learn greater self-awareness, productivity hacks and management skills.

How peer group coaching will impact your employees 

Here are a few direct quotes from members of our corporate groups:

  • “It’s knowing the right person to talk to when things are changing so quickly”
  • “I love learning how other people solve problems.  Every story told in my group has critical thinking and decision making in it. It helps me broaden my perspective.’
  • “The group helps me think strategically.  It’s helping me look ahead and ask the right questions of my director.”
  • “It helps me with fine-tuning new manager skills”.
  • A lawyer in one of our groups said, “Being able to put names to faces and understanding what people do helps me with dissecting risks.”
  • “I feel so much more comfortable going to my colleagues for advice and feedback”.

  • “It’s wonderful to know my co-workers and trust them deeply.  It’s so much easier to help each other.”
  • “It’s given me a confidence boost and I’m not the only one that thinks that way.”
  • “At my last company, I didn’t have a lot of peer experience. This is everything I’ve always wanted.”

We also asked our peer group participants to rate the following statements on a Likert scale of 1 (Strongly Disagree) to 6 (Strongly Agree)

  • I have stronger relationships with my colleagues than before – 6
  • I feel more connected to my employer than I did before – 5.6
  • I feel more able to do my job because of my Trajectory coaching experience – 5.33

Today’s professionals are operating in a different world of work than in the past.  Meaningful career development requires new approaches. Our peer group executive coaching serves many purposes: relationship building across the workplace that leads to better culture and intensive onboarding and re-onboarding as staff returns to work. We’re proud that our peer executive groups provide greater growth, performance and thriving for your staff.  


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