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Trajectory Growth

Our cost-effective leadership development programs for mid-career employees will elevate your talent and improve employee retention, engagement and performance.

The best athletes and executives in the world have coaches powering their journeys.

Your employees should too.

But the cost of professional coaching often puts it out of reach for all but the most senior executives. And even if it’s affordable, one-on-one coaching lacks the unique power of Trajectory’s coach-led peer groups. Our bespoke programs democratize executive coaching and leadership training for mid-career professionals.

Experience the power of coaching + community

Trajectory unlocks opportunities for your employees to:

  • Receive transformative coaching from an experienced executive coach 
  • Build and deepen relationships with a curated cohort of colleagues across and within departments 
  • Create relationships to better understand and impact your business
  • Connect on ambitions, challenges, and solutions
  • Increase motivation and focus
  • Gain confidence and grow professionally and personally
  • Develop deep connections with colleagues, especially in remote and hybrid work environments

“My Trajectory experience catapulted me out of a limited vision for what was possible in my career; I highly encourage any company interested in supporting its employees to take their careers to a higher level to check out Trajectory.”

Chris Reese, Head of Insurance - Cowbell Cyber

What Our Members Are Saying


“The people in my group were super engaged rockstars dealing with similar challenges in their career paths. Our coach was a great facilitator who guided the group and got the most out of everyone.”

Tracy Barba, Executive Director at 500 Startups

“Trajectory helped me build a vision for my own leadership and gave me the confidence to step into it with authenticity.”

Maria Griffin, Vice President, CCS Fundraising

“It was so helpful to learn from others; both the shared challenges and new perspectives I gained from each of them. It made me realize that I have so much more to offer.”

Annie B, Research Associate, A national think tank