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Case Study and Testimonials

Our client, SmartLabs, has linked Trajectory’s coaching and leadership development programs to higher employee engagement and performance. From the time we started working with the company, SmartLabs has seen a continuous improvement in their Net Promoter Score (over 50% improvement).

Here are some SmartLabs employee testimonials:

  • “Trajectory helps me with fine-tuning my new manager skills.”
  • “I hadn’t ever done anything like this before. I feel grateful and happy to be in the work.”
  • “The program has been great. I get to steal ideas from people and I’m learning tools and frameworks to use in my work.”
  • “The group helps me think strategically. It’s helping me look ahead and ask the right questions of my director.”
  • “It’s knowing the right person to talk to when things are changing so quickly.”

We started with two groups of 8-10 mid-career women per group and later added two Manager and Directors groups of 12 men and women per group.  After the initial 6 month program, the groups have continued with quarterly tune-up sessions.


“Trajectory helps me with fine-tuning my new manager skills. I hadn’t ever done anything like this before. I feel grateful and happy to be in the work.”  

Manager, SmartLabs


“The program has been great. I get to steal ideas from people and I’m learning tools and frameworks to use in my work.” 

Director, SmartLabs

“I’ve found Trajectory such an incredible coaching experience and community of practice. They’ve been an incredible resource during my transition into a bigger, more impactful role. I highly recommend that others check out Trajectory!”

Savannah Badalich, Director, Discord


“I loved learning new frameworks for being a better manager and I really valued the opportunity to step out of my busy life to reflect and prioritize. It’s made me a better manager and I’m hitting bigger sales targets than ever before. I built relationships with amazing people who can help me with my career going forward, which is incredibly valuable.”

Zoe Pagonis, VP of Sales, WayBetter

“Trajectory  helped me build a vision for my own leadership and gave me the confidence to step into it with authenticity. The focused coaching and encouragement from my group are why I gained a major promotion. This is one of the best things I’ve done for my career!”

Maria Griffin, Vice President, CCS Fundraising

“The people in my group were super engaged rockstars dealing with similar challenges in their career paths. Our coach was a great facilitator who guided the group and got the most out of everyone. Trajectory made me more aware of what’s important to me and how to achieve it. I also learned to say ‘no’ and delegate, which has worked wonders.”

Tracy Barba, Executive Director at 500 Startups


“The group experience empowered me to be more clear about who I want to be and how I want to show up at work. I really valued having a process to walk through to turn a dream into reality. It made me realize that I could find professional happiness at a start-up. I feel so connected to the power of women because of the group. This has translated across my life. I feel a drive to have really strong women in my life.”

Chris Reese, Head of Insurance, Cowbell Cyber

“I really valued having a structure for carving out time and leaning on a community to stay accountable. My Trajectory group helped me identify the ways that I was limiting myself and helped me set a bigger goal for myself outside the narrower lane I was staying in. It was so helpful to learn from my peers; both the shared challenges and new perspectives I gained from each of them. It made me realize that I have so much more to offer.”

Annie B, Research Associate, A national think tank

“I loved having a structure that forced me to focus on my goals and gain clarity. My Trajectory group and the executive coach mobilized me into action. I also loved the camaraderie and getting to know inspiring peers.”

Pat Lieske, Assistant Vice President, Zurich

“The people in my group offered such important perspectives. I wasn’t just sharing the struggles of my own work, I was learning from smart peers with incredible careers.”

V.F., Product Marketing Lead, Vise, MIT MBA