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Here’s What People Are Saying About Trajectory Women Career Coaching

peer group executive coaching

Trajectory Women members have earned  major promotions, made connections, and gained critical skills through our executive career coaching groups. Through our proven methods of community and accountability, you too can make faster progress in your career by signing up for career coaching with us. 

How executive career coaching works 

At Trajectory Women, we value community and collaboration through peer group coaching with an executive coach to guide you further in your career. You will be meeting with your executive coaching group monthly for a virtual session, receive invitations  to members only events with industry leaders, and be paired with an accountability partner to keep you on track between sessions. 

Career coaching success stories

Our members will assure you that working with an executive coach to guide you on your career path will make a big impact on your career. Your executive coach will help you find your full potential by giving you focused coaching, resources, and encouragement. 

Coaching Structure 

Having the structure of an executive coach is beneficial  for many. Dedicating time to career reflection and goal setting with an executive coach and peer group will advance your career faster than people without structured coaching.

Testimonials from our coaching members

“I loved having a structure that forced me to focus on my goals and gain clarity.  My Trajectory Women group and the executive coach mobilized me into action. I also loved the camaraderie and getting to know inspiring women” 

Pat Lieske, Assistant Vice President, Zurich

“I really valued having a structure for carving out time and leaning on a community to stay accountable.  My Trajectory Women group helped me identify the ways that I was  limiting myself and helped me set a bigger goal for myself outside the narrower lane I was staying in. It was so helpful to learn from other women; both the shared challenges and new perspectives I gained from each of them.  It made me realize that I have so much more to offer.” 

Annie B, Research Associate, A national think tank

Our executive coaches 

Trajectory Women coaches are experts who have experience leading teams and getting results. By having an executive coach paired with a group of peers in similar situations, you will have all the resources and support you need to reach higher in your career. 

Our executive coach Laine Joelson Cohen, Global Head of Learning at Citi, says

“I’m a big believer in peer group coaching and I love helping women advance in their careers.  I see how Trajectory Women powers the rapid transformation and growth for each member.  And, it’s amazing to see how the women support one another in realizing their goals”

Why Trajectory Women 

Trajectory Women was founded on the understanding that joining women together to achieve goals and make an impact is powerful. If you are a woman in the middle of your career and you are ready to make big strides, Trajectory Women is for you. 

Become a member here. 


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