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The Rise of the Non-Traditional Worker

A recent McKinsey report shows that there are an insufficient number of traditional workers In the workforce currently. Historically, these office workers have served as the backbone of the corporate workforce, and without them companies are having difficulty hiring for their roles through traditional pathways of recruiting.  

How hiring is changing

Now, companies must vie for a new “persona”: the nontraditionalist. While these workers value compensation like traditionalists, they also place flexibility, career growth and development, and a positive environment. By positive work environment, they want a supportive boss and colleagues plus support for health and well-being. 

Company culture and relationships 

This new hiring landscape means companies need to shift to a culture that cultivates strong relationships across the company. It also requires improved management skills.  Trajectory group programs are ideal for supporting your company as it makes the shift.  Employees build strong relationships with each other in Trajectory groups. Our participants feel more connected to their employer and benefit from knowing their colleagues based on each individuals’ goals and challenges. They better understand how their company functions because they learn about other departments through supportive relationships with colleagues.  Our groups also help managers perform  better as they learn best practices from each other and work through their challenges.

Trajectory groups help companies create supportive relationships and belonging for their employees.  


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