SmartLabs Case Study

SmartLabs Case Study

Our client, SmartLabs, has linked Trajectory’s coaching and leadership development programs to higher employee engagement and performance. From the time we started working with the company, SmartLabs has seen a continuous improvement in their Net Promoter Score (over 50% improvement). 

Here are some SmartLabs employee testimonials: 

  • “Trajectory helps me with fine-tuning my new manager skills.” 
  • “I hadn’t ever done anything like this before. I feel grateful and happy to be in the work.” 
  • “The program has been great. I get to steal ideas from people and I’m learning tools and frameworks to use in my work.” 
  • “The group helps me think strategically. It’s helping me look ahead and ask the right questions of my director.”
  • “It’s knowing the right person to talk to when things are changing so quickly”

We started with two groups of 8-10 mid-level women per group and later added two larger groups of 12 men and women per group.  After the initial 6 month program, the groups have continued with quarterly tune-up sessions. 

What We Offer

Trajectory provides leadership development programs for mid-level employees (including ICs, Managers and Directors).   We custom tailor our programming with our clients so they can better align strategies, goals, roles and processes.  

Our programming is a cost effective way to upskill talent and improve employee engagement and happiness, while improving corporate performance and culture.  Employees build coaching and management skills, while growing their understanding of the business. These benefits drive future growth and value.  

Trajectory’s programs will help your employees master these important leadership skills: Coaching Others, Critical Thinking, Communication, Influence, Negotiation, Productivity, Focus, Motivation and Self-Awareness.

To learn more about some of our programs, take a look at our case study.


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